Seeking Balance is a Fools Errand

Balance is okay for rocks. You are not a rock.

Balance is okay for rocks. You are not a rock.

If you listen to people long enough you will hear a desire for balance in people's lives. Beyond the work/life balance people talk about, there is the balance that is sought in the everyday things. How much time do I give my kids the iPad before I feel guilty? How much should I eat of this desert? How much time do I need to spend with my friends and how much should I spend alone? How much should I give and how much should I keep and how much should I save?

It is all built on the myth that what if we find and keep the balance of our lives then we will be alright. So we work hard in order to try to bring "balance" the forces in our lives. It is exhausting and frankly never possible. Balance is a nice idea, but not very practical. 

Rather than seeking balance, I believe the Christian life is one of seeking the center. It is a journey of finding our center in Christ and thus able to stand the waves that toss us about. Peter was able to walk on the water while he was looking at Jesus (centered) but began to sink when he looked down (trying to balance). Striving for balance only leaves us seasick as we run from one side to the other.

So if you find you are seasick or feel whiplashed by trying to seek a balance, might I suggest you just stop trying to strike a balance it is a fools errand.