Remeber: Broken bread means no more broken bodies

At the gathering of the disciples Jesus said that the bread was no longer just bread but it was like his body broken for all. Likewise the cup of wine was like his blood poured out for the forgiveness of sin. And to this day Christians have been breaking bread and pouring wine in remembrance of Christ. 

Sometimes we Christians don't know what we are supposed to remember. There are many things that Jesus did and who he was. There is the great sacrifice that he made and that is where I wanted to call attention. 

It is not enough to remember the sacrifice of Christ. Remembering is not an act of just pondering or recalling. If we don't allow our remembering of the past to impact our present and thus changes our future, then we are just recalling. We are not remembering.

When Jesus says that his body is broken for sin, that means that no other bodies need to be broken for sin. And his blood is poured out for reconciliation of the world that means no other blood needs to be spilled to "make things right". 

When we remember this, the world is transformed. When we recall this, the world is unchanged.