A Physical Bible Rejects Exclusivity

I just wanted to take a post and remind all of us of one very important, often cited fact that sometimes does not sink into Christian thinking. Approximately 2/3 of the Bible is sacred scripture of another tradition. 

Sit on that for a moment. The physical composition of the Bible has Christian sacred texts AND Jewish sacred texts. If Christianity was purely an exclusive religion, then why would we even allow any other tradition's sacred texted to co-mingle with ours? At it's inception, Christianity is a hybrid religion of the Jewish tradition and a new thing from the Holy Spirit. 

As far as I know, Christianity is one of the few religions that puts another's religion's text on same par with their own (I think Taoism and Confucianism use I Ching, and the LDS and Christianity use the Bible). There is a level of respect that Christianity has for other religions that is sometimes forgotten at best and ignored at worst. 

Regardless of your beliefs of other religions, the next time you hold a Bible know that you are holding in you hands two texts of two traditions and how incredible that really is they are in one book. A physical Bible rejects exclusivity and embraces covenant relationship, and so do I.