Other Central Texas Conference Bloggers

Nine years ago my first son was born. A few months later I began this little blog as a way to capture thoughts and ideas for him to have in the event he ever wanted to see what his father was thinking about in the early days of his life. The blog then quickly morphed to a place where I could share ideas from Seminary and reach out to my local congregation as a non-regularly preaching pastor. 

Nine years later things have changed.

Our oldest son has braces on his teeth and our younger son is so active that his parents brace themselves! And this blog has grown if not in content quality, at least in exposure. I was fortunate enough to have a few posts (here and here and here) that went mildly "viral" (oddly two are about communion and the other is about Where's Waldo.) The reasons these posts gained traction was because other sources picked them up and shared them from their platforms. 

While this little blog does not have a huge platform, it is large enough to share. 

As such, I wanted to share a list of people who blog in the Conference that I serve in (Central Texas). Additionally, I will be reaching out to these folks for guest contributions. It is my hope that you might find another blogger/writer/creator from the CTC who you might connect with - perhaps even one who lives close to you!

So, here is a list so far of bloggers and writers in the CTC! (If you are a blogger in the CTC and would be willing to fill out the survey at the bottom, I would greatly appreciate it!)