Catastrophizing like Jesus

Everyone keeps saying that we live in crazy times, which may be true. It may also be that we are living in a self-fulfilling prophesy times. Maybe we all think we are living in crazy times and thus we live in crazy times. Either way, it may a good idea for all of us to just take a deep breath, relax and take it easy for just a bit. 

Not long ago Samantha Bee and Glen Beck sat together and ate a sugar version of each others' heads. In the interview (which has a few crude comments), Bee and Beck talk about the role they each have/are playing in current culture. Specifically, what I would like to draw to your attention is when Beck speaks to his and Bee's part in catastrophizing things (the section of the interview is in queued up in the following video): 

I guess, since we are not going to migrate away from social catastrophizing anytime soon (although I pray this would come sooner than later), might I suggest we look to the way Jesus "catastrophized" in his day.

Mark 13 (sometimes called Mark's "little apocalypse") is a response to a question that Peter, James, John, and Andrew ask Jesus. They said, "Tell us, when will these things [the destruction of temple] happen? And what will be the sign that they are all about to be fulfilled?" 

The response from Jesus is an apocalypse and thus is full of symbolism. In fact when we read this section we are more apt to not understand than to understand. Mark 13:3 makes the note that when Jesus shares his little apocalypse, he does so privately with just a handful of disciples. He reserves this teaching to the inner circle. He knows that people may be prone to panic and disillusionment and so in order to minimize the wide-spread panic that comes with anyone catastrophizing the situation, Jesus speaks in private. 

I have not had much in my political leanings that align with Beck, but he and I may have an agreement - being an agent of catastrophe is something that does not add to the public good. And so if we feel a need to catastrophize things, perhaps we can consider this example of Jesus.