Winning the hearts and minds of the enemy

I was at lunch the other day and came across this t-shirt on a man. I asked if it would be okay if I took a picture of the back of the shirt.

He asked if I was going to "use it in an NAACP lawsuit" against him. 

I said, "No, but I am a pastor at a local United Methodist church."

He nodded and said, "In that case, go ahead."  

The interesting thing in this exchange is this man thought the shirt was more challenging to the message of the NAACP than that of the Prince of Peace who said to love your enemy.

I have studied the "Just war" theories in the Christian tradition and found them logical but difficult to square with the teachings of Christ. I understand that there are other faithful Christ followers who think differently. While I work to try to better understand the position of the use of violence, I struggle with the reality that it is impossible to win the hearts and minds of our enemies if the parties are dead.