Social Media is so negative - which is why I advocate for remaining

I have heard so many people these days tell me that they are not getting on social media because it is full of anger and hate. Which can be true. If you look at my Facebook feed you will see comments and stories that are full of rage and pain. It is not always easy to look at and read through, it is depressing. 


Social contagion is this idea that things in society move through groups similar to viruses. We have all experienced the "contagious yawn." And just like yawns there are other things that we don't think can be contagious ARE contagious. It turns out things like quitting smoking are contagious. So are things like frowning and smiling and even body temperature

Knowing this, that there are things that are contagious, it gives me a tool to remember when I tend to social media. Yes, negative things can be contagious - BUT so can the hopeful. While social media may not be the exact same as the unclean places of Jesus' day, for some, social media is an undesirable place to hang out. And just like Jesus hung out at the undesirable places with the unclean people/ideas, maybe Christians need to consider the ways we interact with social media and not run.

Do not forget, you are more contagious than you think.