Why didn't God just destroy chaos

In the book of Job there is a section (chapter 41) where God is speaking to Job about a creature called Leviathan. Leviathan is the ancient creature of chaos that is often depicted as living in the sea. When God begins to talk about Leviathan to Job, it is in the context of God and Job having a conversation whereby God reminds Job that there are mysteries that are beyond his knowing. For instance, can Job draw out Leviathan with a fish hook? Can Job control Leviathan in ways that merchants will be willing to bargain for it or could Job make it docile enough to show the creature off to his girls? God spends the first eleven verses of chapter 41 talking about how it it not possible for Job to destroy chaos. 

As you read more of the chapter, it seems as though God's tone begins to change when talking about Leviathan. Not as something to be destroyed but as something that God is actually proud of! Like a parent bragging on their child, God begins to take notice of the beauty and power of this creature. How strong it is, how mighty it's frame. No one can overcome it. It's eyes flash forth light and there is an intensity in it's breath. When it raises itself up, even the gods are afraid. On earth it has no equal, a creature without fear! 

God does not destroy chaos because God has discovered that there is a beauty in chaos that cannot be overlooked or found anywhere else. So we must learn to live with chaos. The revelation to me however is not that we are to strike a balance between chaos and peace. The revelation to me is can I be like God and be in relationship with chaos that I can begin to brag on it's beauty? 

Sure I can live with chaos, we all have to. But can I delight with what chaos can be/do?