Get in the long line

In college my roommate and I engaged in a number of practices that looking back on them they were odd but I am so glad that I did them. For instance, we spent several weeks sleeping on the hard floor and not in our individual bunks. We called people from the phone book in San Antonio and introduced ourselves and just said that we would be praying for them. We gave ourselves a budget of $100 a month.

The best thing we did was stand in line. 

Wherever we went we would intentionally choose the long lines to wait in. We would go to the grocery store and then begin to look for the longest line we could find to wait in to check out. We did this time and time again for months. And over time something in us began to change. 

We saw that we were less anxious when we were in a rush because we had practice waiting. We were more thankful when we did have a shorter line and things went quickly. We were more attentive to the parents of small children who needed the shorter line in order to get their tired child home. We were able to engage in conversation with others in line and learn some great stories of people (like the guy worked as a clown in the circus for 15+ years). 

So for what it is worth, take every opportunity you can to get into the long line. Wait there and see what you see. Listen to the people around you. See God in the midst of it all. Remember that lines are less a way to order people an more a way to connect with people.