"truth" Trumping Love

Every political outlet these days has some commentary on Donald Trump. I am willing to bet that you have an opinion on Donald Trump. If you agree with him or not, he has to be dealt with because he is drawing so many people and, in his words (which are never short of sensationalism), "I'm literally killing everybody in the polls." 

Why is he doing so well in these polls that are so many days away from the election? Many people have commented that they like Trump because he "tells the truth" or is "real" or "unscripted". He is a not a politician who is sensitive to political correctness but just a guy who is out there being "authentic". 

His comments about Mexican immigrants, women, African Americans, Global warming, President Obama's birth, and his ego-centrism are applauded by some as evidence that he is a man who says what is on his mind and tells it like he sees it. No matter how offensive or degrading the comments, it is the "truth" that is Trumping the day.

When I say "truth" I do not mean that Donald Trump is correct or even speaking Truth. I believe that he, and his supporters, feel that Trump is speaking the truth as they perceive it. So when he speaks, he is giving voice to people who feel like they do not have a voice - classic politician. 

But even if you agree with Donald Trump and his comments and think that he is speaking Truth (or "truth" as it were), as a Christian we have to consider the question - what is more important Truth or Love. 

I believe that Love trumps Truth everyday of the week. I cannot quote every Bible verse that talk about the supremacy of Love because there are many. There is scripture that states "God is Love". Paul does not even list Truth in his "big three" (Faith, Hope and Love) to his letter to the Corinthians. Jesus broke the laws (and thus was "wrong") in order to show love to the neighbor.

The Christian is faced with the conviction that if our "truth" is not loving then it is not Truth of Christ. It just is not. If the "truth" we seek and applaud is not bringing more love and light into the world then it is not Truth. If the "truth" we affirm is one that puts women down, builds barriers to relationships, marginalizes groups of people, views the world as "us vs. them", sees people as either "winners" or "losers" then it is not Truth. 

Trump may be polling well these days in part because we have become more like Pilate who was on a quest for "truth" rather than like Christ who was on a quest for Love. When we value "truth" (our little and limited perception of Truth), over Love then we have indeed lost our way.