Animal From the Muppets and Jesus

One of the greatest drummers of all time is Animal from the Muppets. Animal also happens to be one of my favorite Muppets because he reminds me of my one of my favorite stories of Jesus. 

In the Gospel according to Mark, Jesus encountered a man who is bound in chains and in just plain crazy to the point of self mutilation and community isolation. He is demon possessed and has become very strong to the point that no one could subdue him. He shouts and lives among the rocks and caves. He is scary and thought to be untouchable. 

For reasons that Mark make in the entire Gospel, Jesus is able to overcome this crazy chained man's demons and upon the healing the man returns to a state of affairs. We can imagine that the scars this man walks with the rest of his life are very visible and sometimes you have to wonder if he ever was affected by the residue of the demons.

Animal from the Muppets is a very primal being. And while no longer chained to the wall (see the pilot episode of the Muppets) he still has the chain around his neck. Animal is affected by the residues of his experiences and, from time to time, goes crazy. The one thing that brings him back to self is to play the drums. 

When Animal is playing harmony of the Song he is no longer affected by the chains of his past. Sure they are still there, but they do not control him when he is in the Song. 

For all the things Jesus is, (Bread, Living Water, Resurrection, Light, etc.) perhaps Jesus missed an opportunity to teach that he is the Song of the universe.

So if we are like Animal, let us find our place in Dr. Teeth's band and play along with the Song.