What if the hospital is full of sick doctors?

It has been said that the Church is a hospital for sinners. This may very well be the case for many of us. It is true for me. I have been brought back to life from some deep sickness in my life, call it Sin (I do). I continue to be drawn to the Great Physician of Christ to continue to be made well in my own addictions and struggles. I take medication for pride and envy. I have an ongoing treatment for arrogance and ignorance. Every year I get a physical exam for my Spirit. Some years my levels of peace, patience, and kindness are in healthy ranges. Other years I have had high levels in anger, fear and cynicism that a new diet of was required. I am in need of a hospital for my soul. 

It is also true that some people not only attend hospitals, but also work in a hospital. Here is where I stand. I work in and with the hospital of the soul, the Church. 

This is part of the reason that it is important for clergy and all Church workers to be healthy and whole. It is important for Church staff to be in a place of wellness. 

What would happen if the hospital was full of sick doctors? 

And so if you are a Church worker, I hope that you will take seriously your own health and wholeness. Practice the disciplines. Be in rhythm with the song of God. Listen to the still small voice. Attend to the "workout" of worship and confession. 

If you are not a Church worker, do your best to check in with your Church workers. Encourage them to be well so that when they do the difficult work they are asked to do, they are not making others sick.