Waiting for God's New Thing: Why Better Isn't Good Enough

In his monograph Gil Rendle talks about the difference between improving and creating and the need for the Church to do both simultaneously. The Church has to improve practices, become more efficient, streamline in order to address the needs of those who are "affiliated" with the Church. At the same time the Church must also change the way we are working, do things differently and do new things in order to address the needs of those who are "unaffiliated" with the Church. 

If you consider this paradox you will quickly see that the process to improve something is different from the process to create something new. It would be like asking Apple to create a new iPhone while at the same time create a automobile. Every local congregation that I have served in is able to do one or the other - we can either improve or create - but we are unequipped to do both at the same time. And this leads the the heart of the problem the Church faces: 

"You can't lead efforts of creating without being credentials as a leader. At the same time, it is hard for credentials credentialed leaders to see the need for the deep change of creating."

It is a feedback loop that leaves the Church stagnate. I do not know the way forward. All I know to do is wait for God's new thing and hope that I am of The Way but never in the way.