If You Can Ride a Bike You Are Just as Bias as "The Media"

I know this will take a few minutes, but if you are like me it will make you smile and illustrate something that we all know but think we are a immune to it - You are just as bias as "The Media"

We all like to think that there is an objective position that we can take that will lead us to "The Objective And Universal Truth". Many of us expect "The Media" should take the objective position. Many a people claim that The Media is bias and thus only watch/listen to news that they agree with - because that news outlet is not bias. If there is an Objective and Universal Truth, then we human beings are not able to ever take the Objective position to get see it.

We all are bias. We all have brain patterns that force us to see the world in a particular way that makes "total sense" to us (and maybe others like us), but does not make sense to others. You want to know why common sense is not so common? Because Common Sense is at best local and most often at a personal level. 

So the next time we Christians make statements of Truth, may we do so with an awareness that if we cannot ride a backwards bike without months of practice, then we may not know what the hell Truth is.

So let us err on the side of Love.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFzDaBzBlL...