Why I love to wait

Generally speaking, I like to wait. It really does not bother me to be in traffic or wait for the doctor. Granted, there are some exceptions but for the most part waiting does not bother me. 

Waiting is the one where we are given social permission to do nothing. It is like a "rest" in disguise. It is a time when we can do nothing and not have the social stigma of "doing nothing". 

Waiting is a time when we can practice Sabbath in the small room of our souls and no one blames us for resting. Think of the last time you were in traffic or waiting at the DMV. You may have gotten frustrated but no one was frustrated with you for "just waiting". 

We live in a time that does not value time off or rest or vacation or Sabbath because we are not "doing". At the same time we idolize the time in our lives when we are "retired" and don't have to work. The beauty of waiting is having the best of both worlds. It is both a time of doing and not doing. It is a time of work and rest in the same moment. 

This is, in part, what I love to wait.