One Path or Many Paths to God? Try No Paths.

It is an age old debate and argument that results in a lot of bald-headedness. One side says there is only one way to God. And that claim make the other side pull their hair out and argue for many paths to God. Which in turn makes the first side pull their hair out and cite scripture of Jesus being the only way. While the other side, point to scripture of universal access to God. 

All of this self mutilation of hair pulling is missing the point of the Christian message at Christmas and Epiphany. There is no path or paths from us to God, if there is any path(s) at all it/they come from God to us.

As John S. Mogabgab's poem states: 

"God is closer than we think. There is no path to God that is not first God's path is to us."

So before we get all bogged into how many paths there are, lets first and foremost remember and give thanks that we even have the gift of talking about a path at all.