"...because Jesus did not die for God."

In Christian theology there are a lot of shorthand sayings that carry with it a load of assumptions and theological ideas that are often assumed to be agreed upon by all parties in a conversation. Which may or may not be accurate. 

One of these shorthand sayings is "Jesus died for you" or "Jesus died for your sins". I agree. Jesus did die for us. Where the difference is what is meant by that idea. What assumptions and theological ideas are loaded into just a few words? 

I don't desire to lay out an entire personal Credo or theological document. I am not that good of a writer and you would be board. Instead I want to offer up a shorthand reflection to the shorthand statement. 

Jesus died for you, Jesus did not die for God. 

God does not demand the death of Jesus. God does not demand that there be a tit-for-tat system of justice where murdering one person will bring Peace. Jesus did not die for God to see the error of God's ways. Jesus did not die in order to appease an angry god. 

Jesus died for you and me. Humans demanded the death of Jesus. Humans demand a justice system of tit-for-tat where murdering one person will bring a "sense" of peace. Jesus died for us to see the errors of our ways. Jesus died in order to appease our anger, resentment and desire for resolution for our self-created scandals. 

So yes, Jesus did die for you, but not because diverted anger and wrath from us to Jesus. Jesus did not die for God, Jesus died for us, at our hands, for our own reasons, for our own purposes. 

The Good News is that in light of humanity saying no and killing Jesus, God said yes and resurrected Jesus. Regardless of why Jesus died, he did not remain dead. 

And neither will you.