The Methodist Marianist

The phone rang and it was a staff member of the alumni magazine it get from Saint Mary's University. He said that they had gotten word from a current professor that I graduated from St. Mary's and this professor thought I might be open to share some of my story. 

Just a word of advice to all reporters, if you ask a preacher to share their story and worry they might not - don't worry. Preachers are always ready to talk. 

After about 90 minutes or so and a photo shoot later that month, the story was sent to press. 

Today, the publication arrived. 

I am very proud to be a graduate from St. Mary's University. It is there that I learned the power of diversity. I learned the strength of multiple viewpoints. I learned how to live on $100 a month. Living in San Antonio gave me glimpse into what it is like to be outside of the majority culture. While I did not retain much Latin, I did learn new language that has changed my life (which you can read about on page 28 in the publication below). I am forever indebted to St. Mary's University and the gifts it gave to me.

I encourage anyone who might be interested in taking risks, but never being in danger, to consider St. Mary's University. I am honored to be a Rattler and hope that I can live into being the "Methodist Marianist".

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