Pentecost, (The UMC splitting?) and the Holy Spirit

Pentecost Sunday, June 8th, was a time when Christians celebrate the birth of the Church by the receiving of the Holy Spirit. In many churches around the globe, the story was read about how the Holy Spirit came and rested like tongues of fire on those in the upper room. While reading this story and as a liturgical act, there may have been different people speaking different langues during worship. I have been in worship settings where French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, English, and Russian were spoken while the story was read or even during the saying of the Lord's Prayer. 

The church that I serve we decided to have a sermon that attempted to embody this "multi-language" expression of the Spirit by having two voices to deliver the sermon (beginning at minute mark 5:30 you might think you are hearing a little commentary on the UMC's conversation about splitting and I can neither confirm nor deny this to be the case.). 

I share this sermon as a way to submit some thoughts with anyone who might wonder more about the Holy Spirit. What it is, what it looks like, and why do you think there are so many images of the Holy Spirit? Why is the Holy Spirit spoken about like fire, water, dove/pigeon, wind, comforter and wild goose.