A sermon put to Explosions in the Sky

You have heard of them but you may not know that you have heard of them. However, Explosions in the Sky have an album entitled The Earth is Not a Cold Dark Place. Which you can see why a preacher may use this album often. Especially around Easter time. 

On that album there is a song, Your Hand in Mine. This is a great song and I wish I wrote it. 

Then in a tribute to the stage productions that I do not like (the musical), I delivered the Easter sermon to this tune. 

The entire sermon is the length of the song just over 8 minutes. (As a sidenote I was given crap when I turned in an 8 minute sermon as part of my ordination. If only I put that sermon to music then could have gotten away with it.)  

If you don't want to listen to it...

The crux of the sermon states that in Matthew, the women go to the tomb of Jesus not with spices to clean the body but simply to see. The word used to describe their seeing is θεωρέω (theōréō). This is the root of the word "theater". The women go to see the tomb like we would go to a theater. Passive and without a role to play.

The angel however invites the women to see, but uses the word ὁράω (horaó). This means to see, but often with metaphorical meaning: "to see with the mind". The angel invites the women to see this experience so that it changes them. Seeing not as a passive action like at a theater, but seeing as an action that integrates what you see into your life and actions. 

If I can be so bold as to brag and say the interesting thing for me about this sermon is that it is delivered in a rather theatrical way but it is inviting us to abandon seeing the resurrection as theatrics. (I think it is sort of smart, but it could just be me.) Bragging over. 

There are other great sermons on this site. You will know the great ones because we have labeled them as "by Estee Valendy". (okay now bragging is over).