Be like Mona Lisa

When talking about the soul that is in the "Dark Night", St. John of the Cross expressed that this soul has one task - be still. But being still is not socially acceptable and it also does not feel like you do anything when you are still. It does not feel productive or efficient. Generally, stillness is not valued for the sake of itself but only for what it can produce in our lives. The discipline of being still is, according to St. John, like that of a model for an artist. 

The model is still for the artist. The model may be tempted to think that she/he is not doing anything and might begin to get more paint, clean the room or wash the brushes in an effort to help the artist. 

But these actions, this busyness, keep the artist from capturing the beauty of the soul. 

What would the Mona Lisa look like if she was busy mixing the paint?

So be still. Be still and let the great artist of the universe gaze upon you. 

Be like Mona Lisa.