Tuning a piano and Christian Spirituality

Every church I have ever been in has a crazy amount of pianos. For some reason when someone no longer wants their piano they give it to a church. Churches feel bad tossing this piano and so there it sits in a room, hopeful to be used.  

Every now and again the church will hire a piano tuner to come in and tune each piano. What is interesting about this process is that the tuner, tunes each piano to their standard as opposed to tuning one piano then adjust the other pianos to match the one adjusted piano. 

This the spiritual life of the Christian. We are tune our lives to Jesus. This is why the spiritual practices and disciplines are needed for us. These are the ways we tap into the notes of Jesus and tune our lives. We pray so we can listen. We study scripture so we can sound like Jesus. We fast so we can feel like Jesus. When we practice the disciplines we are tuning our lives to Jesus. 

Perhaps the great irony is that when we tune our lives to Jesus then we also get in tune with others, but when we tune our lives to others we are not always in tune with Jesus. 

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