Rabbi going to heaven everyday

Sometime ago I heard this story, told by Rev. Jerry Chism, about a rabbi that goes to heaven everyday. I did a quick search and could not find it. Perhaps I am telling it incorrectly, but here is what I can recall. If you know this story and want to share the "real" version, please comment below.

Disciples travel to a nearby town to learn from a Rabbi who, according to the locals, goes to heaven everyday. They arrive to find the Rabbi's face glowing. After a day of learning from the Rabbi, the disciples go home. Early the next morning they arrive before dawn and hid behind the bushes to watch the Rabbi ascend to heaven. The disciples are confused when the Rabbi comes out from his home and begins to walk out of town. So they follow. Upon reaching the outer edges of town, the Rabbi begins to give his cloak to the naked, feed the hungry and bind the wounds of the hurting. he embraces to sojourner and shares words of grace to the widows. The disciples watch all this at a distance and are amazed when the Rabbi turns around to go home - his face was glowing. The disciples understood what it meant to go to heaven and from that day on the each went to heaven everyday.