The Bible as a lamp?

When talking with children about the Bible often there is a metaphor that is used - the Bible is like a lamp (or flashlight) because it shows us the way to live. We learn in the Bible how we are to love and how we are to live in peace with one another. We talk about the Bible as a tool that is for humans about humans, as though it were just another ethical document like Utilitarianism or Common Sense or The Virtue of Selfishness

While the idea that the Bible teaches humans some ethical concepts, the Bible as a lamp that shows us how to live metaphor is incomplete at best. 

The direct object, the protagonist in the Bible is not human beings but God.  

The Bible is a lamp that is more interested in showing humans what God is like.  

This is why the Bible has unique titles like "the word of God" or "inspired". These are titles that attempt to describe the Bible is unlike any other books. While other books are for humans to learn more about humanity, the Bible is for humans to learn more about God.

While the Bible may be like a lamp the Bible is not the Word (capital W). That title remains with Jesus.