Stuff you should know and why - Pt. 3

Post-Cynical Christianity - By Tony Jones

First of all, recently became Dr. Jones. Which makes me think of these clips:

If you have not read Dr. Jones' article, here is why I think you should. 

We live in the age in which it is en vogue to deconstruct and tear things down. I am a big fan of deconstruction of all sorts of embedded theologies.

Part of the popularity of deconstructing is the relative ease it takes to do it. When we have poked holes in people arguments and broke about every sacred cow down it makes us feel like we accomplished something. And we did. Which is why we do it again and again. 

But if all you are doing is taking things apart at some point you will be surrounded by nothing but parts. 

Dr. Jones' line is spot on:  

You can either be a stand-up comedian, or you can be an agent of change. Few people can make the transition from one to the other.

I am do not want to be in a church with a bunch of clowns. I am far more fascinated with architects.