"Praise songs" coming to an end...

Just like Newtonian physics states, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, this includes not just apples falling on heads but also movements in culture.

NPR had a story the other day that gave a glimpse into the push back to "praise music" in the Christian Church. 

While this article is short it is worth a read.  I will give you a minute. Go ahead, I will wait. 


The debate about worship music usually is limited these days to people's likes and dislikes. And that somewhat misses the point. While praise music is generally easy to sing and I have even been moved by the emotional aspects of this music, part of my joy of singing in worship is that it is different than the singing that I do in my car or in the shower or at the karaoke bar.

When we sing in worship we are not just singing with the people next to us. We are joining in on the song and music of the saints and sinners that come before us. We are joining in the melodies and songs of the ages past. Our voice unites with the voices that once sang loud in our sanctuaries and faith that our voice becomes lost and yet becomes larger.   

Praise songs are great and have their place to be sure, but that time may be coming to an end for now. Because in a world that is constantly changing and people are looking for things to "ground" them in the storms of change around us, songs that have deep roots give people a solid foundation to withstand the waters. 

Perhaps the "new" blended worship service is not a praise song or two and a hymn or two, but hymns that have been re-imagined. As they say, we are living in a mash up culture and when the church mashes up contemporary music influences with ancient lyrics you get greatness.