How many more times will you see your parents?

It is difficult to cherish moments that feel like they will be there forever. I take for granted my ability to breathe until I am choking. I take for granted my ability to walk until my back goes out. I take for granted that my parents will be there, until they are not.  


For the past 3 out of 5 years, I have participated with my parents in the National Day of Listening which is great and I highly recommend.  

Recently I came across this little site (seeyourfolks.comwhich uses 2011 World Health Organisation Life Expectancy Data to run a little equation. 

You plug in where you live, age of your parents, and how often you see them in a year. The next screen gives you an average number of times you will see them before they die. 

It is just another way to put into preservative the vaporness of life. 

How many more times do you have?