Light from Sound?

Sonoluminescence is an interesting thing in which light bursts from bubbles in liquid. 

Yep. Light from sound. Check out the video. 

And guess what? We have no idea why this happens. 


Sure there are theories. There are some people who believe one or some combination of the following reasons: hotspot, bremsstrahlung radiation, collision-induced radiation and corona discharges nonclassical lightproton tunneling, electrodynamic jets. 

All of these are theories to help the world better understand a beautiful mystery. Each theory has it's own authority of its own. Each theory has its own disciples and its own teachers. Each theory is held by a group of people who are working attempting to grasp at something we can barely put words to. Each theory is incomplete. Each theory is a glimpse. Each theory is willing to "fight" for its own understanding, while at the same time not demonizing the other theories as dumb or evil or misleading.

You may be asking yourself, "are you still talking about Sonoluminescence theories or are you talking about something else?"