2 Days Not with Rob Bell - SermonCraft

Just a side project my friend Rev. Steve Heyduck and I have been working on. I share this as an example of how I am reinventing the wheel (see last post). As they say, you cannot preach what you do not practice. (well I guess you can but that is the mark of a jerk.)

In case you are wondering, yes, this is a variation of the Rob Bell "CraftLabs"  which you can find some thoughts from bloggers who attended here. However just a few distinctions between what we are doing and Rob Bell:

  • We charge $30/person not $500/person
  • No one will attend something just because we put something together
  • Our celebrity power is 1/1,000,000,000 the size of Rob Bell
  • Less lecturing from us and more collaboration
  • No surfing but there is art
  • Less fish tacos and more nachos and beer

We have 20 slots and as of today, 15 are spoken for. So that is cool. 

Source: https://www.robbell.com/work/images/two-da...