Be the Change + Disqus = New way to comment


While most of you who read this site do not comment, that does not mean comments will go away. In fact, I have recently integrated Disqus into this blog. 

What does that mean? Taken from the Disqus website:

Works everywhere — No matter what platform you use, Disqus integrates seamlessly. 

Why use Disqus? — Disqus drives real engagement and traffic on websites. The fully real-time Disqus is perfect for participation on breaking news, hot discussions, live events, and video content.

Who uses Disqus? — Disqus is used by some of the largest names across the web. Every month, Disqus’ connected platform reaches over 700 million people.

One of the great things about Disqus is that when you comment using Disqus then you are able to log into one place (your disqus dashboard) and see all the comments and those who have replied to your comments in one place.

If you are not a disqus member, you may want to consider doing so - be the change and get involved in the discussions of our time.