Current failures projected as future fears

For as old as the earth is, there is a conversation that is universal. Every generation fears that the next generation is going to be messed up.

Older generations decry the seemingly decline of values, respect, and morals. Technology, music, fashion and pop culture are, among other things, blamed as contributing to the "rapid decline of society".

I get it. Every generation in some ways moves away from previous generations and perhaps it is just human nature to be concerned about this sort of thing. 

The thing is that when we fear for future generations, I think we are really just projecting our own failures. It is easier to blame the next generation for their faults, and thus fear their moral decline, than to take ownership of our own failures.

Could it be that our failures contribute to the "decline" that we so greatly fear?

I do not fear that American culture is headed down a slippery slope to the lower bowels of hell. I fear that my generation will fail to live up to our own dreams and hopes in such a way that we will turn to fear.