Let me tell you how to do you job.

There is a great amount of information available these days and as such it can give me a false sense of a super power. You see, with all this information that I can access and have read about I am able to tell you how to do every job, any job, your job.

Yes, I know just enough about every job on the planet that I can tell you that you are not doing your job well and that I can do it better. Sure, I don't have the skills you developed over your time in school, but I have the seen a few YouTube videos. Okay, so I don't have experience in your field, but I have a good gut feelin' of how this should be done. You tell me I am not experienced? Really experience is underrated, I mean the new Pope has never been Pope before and he seems like he is doing fine. Frankly I think that understanding all the complexities of any job is not relevant, because what is really important is just the tunnel vision that I currently live in. 

Tell me all you want about the importance of being qualified by a panel of your peers and subject to constant supervision and evaluation of your supervisors to ensure you maintain the standards of your profession - not important. Tell me all about your sense of purpose you may be trying to achieve or live into a vision of something greater than yourself - that sounds like a bunch of talk and no action. Bless your heart, of course I know you try your best, but really I can tell you that given what I know about all the expectations of you in your job I could do it better. 

No, I am not interested in going through the training you tell me I need. And no, I do not have time to seriously consider the possibility that I am not equipped to actually do your job. You are not listening to what I am saying!

All I know is that you are doing your job wrong,

I would do it better.

So let me tell you how to do your job.