Re-post: "What If the Kids Don't Want Our Church?"

Derek Penwell wrote a fine piece for the Huffington Post which I encourage you to take a moment to read.*

If you are not interested in reading the whole thing: Here is an abridged version of quotes:

During this moment of reflection, my friend had an epiphany: What if his kids don't want all the stuff he's worked so hard to acquire?
But what happens when a generation comes along that doesn't care about the game you've spent so much time buying equipment for, has little invested in the durable nature of the stuff you value? What happens when your kids say, "Don't give me all that stuff. I'll just have a yard sale, and call Goodwill to haul away what's left over"?
In fact, in many ways, these generations increasingly think the church has been running toward the wrong finish line for years --concerned as it seems to have been not with figuring out how more faithfully to live like the Jesus of the Gospels, but in acquiring bigger and better stuff to hand down to a generation that doesn't particularly want to inherit it.

I love the church but I agree. I am leaning toward the day when we can have a garage sale. But that day is a bit down the road. 

*Thank you to Rev. Ramon Smith who shared this article with me.