Jesus was not a soothsayer, he knew humanity

Many understand Jesus is able to see into the future because he was God (indeed) and had a divine (non-human) ability to see into the future. The thought being that some have the gift of seeing into the future, like a soothsayer, and some do not - like some people have brown eyes and some do not. 


The truth is, Jesus was not a soothsayer. He did not need unique access to divinity in order to see that he was going to die. 

Humanity has always sought out release valves to the tension of society. The most wide spread valve we have discovered is finding a scapegoat to the problem. Rene Girard is the one who articulates this the best, and I have written this notion before, but as we close in on Easter it is worth recalling the great revelation of Christ. 

Everyone could sense the tension in the culture in the days of Jesus. There were so many players biding for power: Rome, Zealots, Pharisees, Sadducees, tribal leaders, etc. And all of a sudden there is this guy who is getting a following that continues to grow - Jesus. The traditional players in the power struggle take the unique position of "the enemy of my enemy is my enemy." No one is interested in allowing another player into the system of power. And so tensions rise and the release valve must be pulled. A scapegoat must be found. 

And who fits the bill? No one who is in the traditional power player camps (otherwise Barabbas the Zealot would have been killed.) No, an outsider of who the majority of people, the crowd, must agree upon. 

Jesus was not a soothsayer, he just knew humanity.