The wisdom of Men in Black...

If you have ever seen the movie Men in Black, then you may recall this scene after "Jay" fires his weapon called the "noisy cricket":

KAY We do not discharge our weapons in view of the public.

JAY Can we drop the cover-up bullshit?! There's an Alien Battle Cruiser that's gonna blow-up the world if we don't...

KAY There's always an Alien Battle Cruiser...or a Korlian Death Ray, intergalactic plague about to wipe out life on this planet, 

There always something that is threatening to be the end of the world.

In fact one fella has created a little infograph called Mountains out of Molehills which charts global media scare stories and the deaths related to those stories.

There is always a threat to our way of life. Today it is "the sequester". Before that it was the "fiscal cliff". Which was not long after the "debt ceiling crisis". 

What I think is interesting is that the thing that really was a threat to a way of life was something that was overlooked in its time.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the world. It is a threat to all those who rule with violence, fear and oppression. It is a direct threat to empires and those who believe in their authority.

So, while there will always be "Chicken Littles" who believe the foxes that the sky is falling. But Christians know that the greatest agent of change was not a fox, but a lamb.

Do not listen to the foxes.