Faith Hill had braces at the Grammys?!


Apparently this counts as news. Faith Hill had braces on her teeth and had the (as one commentator put it on the Today show) "courage" to show up at the Grammys. 

This news was something that reminded me that there is a lot of talk these days about having good self images and how we our culture values certain images and those images are harmful to people. I get that. It is important to be mindful of the images we value.

But there seems to be one image that is missing in this conversation.

Not to be a Bible thumper here, but perhaps the Biblical witness and message to the idea that you and I, everyone is created not in a self image but in God's image. 

Having hype about braces will continue to proclaim the importance of self image while we forget the important image of God within us all. 

Braces or not.