My generation's "Obamacare"

It has been said that Obamacare (The Affordable Healthcare Act) is the defining legislation. It is, for right or wrong, the bill that will define his legacy as President and perhaps even the entire decade in American politics. 

It seems that the history makers of the world have an issue that defines them for a period of time. Obama and health care, Red Sox and the "curse of the Bambino", Romo and "choking", Pollock and abstract expressionism, or Steve Urkel and his line.

Beyond the history-making people, even the common person has their "defining issue". The reason they are called "Hot Button issues" is because these are issues that a number of people have made into their "defining issue". 

And so, it is my prayer that the "defining issue" of my generation would be income inequality. 

Here are a few TED Talks that approach this subject in different ways:

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