A book that changed my life accepted my quote

Ever had a book that just changed your life? 

Me too. 

That is not 100% accurate. There are about a half dozen books that changed my life. However, one of these books is Ched Myers' Binding the Strong Man (Orbis Books: 1988). 

I was notified by Myers that he used words I sent him in 2011 about Binding the Strong Man in a blog post celebrating the 25th anniversary of the book

And so I join in with Myers in celebrating this great milestone. I know that everyone recommends books they feel would change other's lives and you will probably not read this book. But the fact of the matter is I do not have to recommend this book for you to read because if you have read or heard much of my own thought then you have been exposed to the wonder of Binding the Strong Man.

I echo Myers when he says, "I’m still trying to embody the discipleship vision of Mark’s gospel in my life and work."