I wrote a book. Really? Yep, and it is free. Really? Yep.

Be the Change.jpg

Over the past several weeks I have been working to curate a brand new, first time ever, Be the Change e-book. And I am pleased to announce that it is done. 

It is not perfect. But with great help from a few of my friends I am happy with the first edition of this e-book.

Sometime ago I backed a Kickstarter project called the People's Ebook. As an early backer I was invited to the beta version of this tool. It is great and I highly recommend it. I see a lot of potential in the church for this tool when it comes out of beta. 

This e-book comes in three flavors. Each flavor has the same content, but some flavors have Easter Eggs in them (mostly videos).

The epub is the best file to read this e-book. You get all the videos and all the links and all the pictures and the bells and whistles. In order to read an epub, you need to open it in a epub reader, such as iBooks, Nook, or an online ebook reader (just google for one.)

The mobi file is only read on Kindles. I have not tried to open the mobi file in any Kindle device so I cannot tell you about the user experience. I imagine that some aspects of the ebook will be missing (namely videos) if you read this on a "non-fire" kindle. 

Finally, if you want to read just the PDF version there is that option as well. The PDF version will not show the videos.