Is the Church outdated or just in a position to leap frog?

Join me on a variation of the Kevin Bacon game.  

Bo Sanders puts up a video  to prime the pump for his worshiping community.

Later puts this quote on his blog which is the overall point of the video: 

In technology, when you fall enough behind on your updates, you can actually trap yourself with the inability to update. This is the definition of irrelevant. The christian spirituality that is employed in much of the North American church may be in this kind of danger. I am nervous that we are looking to get resources (updates) from sources (servers) that don’t exist anymore.

My friend, also named Jason, reads Home brewed Christianity because both he and the site are way cooler than me. 

Jason shares the above quote and link with me via the outgoing means of internet communication in the next 15 years - email.  

With all that said, I hope you read the quote because it is a captivating metaphor. I only wish I could hear more of Bo Sanders'  thoughts on how this metaphor plays out right now. 

And while I try to put some flesh on Bo's metaphor I think about Africa and cell phones. Namely I think about how in Africa countries were so far behind the technology that they do not have phone lines. For a time, perhaps, it may have looked like Africa would be unable to upgrade to new technological advances because they were without the basic infrastructure of phone lines. 

However, these parts were able to leap frog phone line technology with the advent of cell phones. Now having phone lines is a thing of the past and parts of the world do not have to deal with this dated technological infrastructure. 

These two metaphors toss and turn in my head. Is the church in danger of being so outdated that we cannot even access tools from sources that do not exist any more? Or is the Church more in a position to leap frog over some things because the pace of change happened too fast for the Church to get build phone lines?