Shawshank Redemption, Lion King, O' Brother

Today is the Sunday the Church recognizes the baptism of Jesus and in worship we will be talking about dominate understandings of baptism and why it is an important sacrament in the Christian life. 

The question for you is which (if any) understanding do you have when it comes to baptism.

Are you a "Shawshank Redemption" person who understands baptism as a rebirth into a new life. Discarding the past and being 'born again' into a new life. 

Or are you more of a "O Brother Where Art Thou" sort of person. In which baptism is a washing away of your sins and you are forgiven for all transgressions.

Or perhaps you are persuaded more of the "Lion King" understanding in which baptism is a rite of a person being initiated into the community of faith by receiving a new name.

These are just three basic understandings, but perhaps you have another? Or some sort of hybrid of sorts? I would love to hear what your thoughts on baptism would be.