Conversions are followed with songs

Recently it was shared in a small group I am a part of, that every time a religious experience becomes real for someone a hymnity follows. 

We see this in the different songs in the Bible. From Mary after the annunciation, to Miriam after the destruction of Pharaoh to the songs of David to the early hymns of the church. 

It was shared to me that this is why there are so many people who get defensive about the type of music in a worship setting. It is not just about style or if drums are okay or a pipe organ is too lame. People are protective of the music that follows their religious experiences.

Many of us have these religious experiences when we are kids or youth and so the music of our youth really is the music we really hold on to for the rest of our life as "real music". It is why I still love the Beastie Boys, Moby, Fat Boy Slim, and Weezer. It is also why I do not understand rap music at all. I was being shaped in my life in my late teens and as a result I hold on to the music that was around at that time.  

So when you find yourself in a worship setting thinking, "This music sucks" or "I don't like that instrument in worship" remember that the music is a reflection of the religious experiences of the community and to understand the music is more than style - it is also connected to a life changing experience/s.