Churches alleviate, Governement eradicate, Business accelerate

We all agree that the solutions to the problems we face are some combination of churches, government, and business. Too often it seems that my liberal friends put too much emphasis on government and my conservative friends put too much emphasis on churches and my libertarian friends put too much emphasis on business.

As one who works in the church I can tell you that most churches are set up to temporarily alleviate a social ill. Governments are large enough to eradicate a social ill. Businesses are savvy enough to accelerate toward a solution. 

For instance, lets look at the problem of malaria.

Churches can raise money to buy nets to alleviate the spread of malaria (see the nothing but nets campaign). But the church, even one as connected as the Roman Catholic church, cannot eradicate malaria. Churches cannot make policies or laws that are binding to society. 

Which is why we need governments to make laws and policies to ensure malaria is eradicated. While some of the libertarian cut want to eliminate the FDA, I am thankful that government is there to ensure the eradication of these ills. Because for all its failings, the government is the best tool we have to ensure eradication.

But business is another tool that is essential in this equation. When business gets involved the solution(s) to the problem are brought about much faster than just by way of churches and governments. Business can incentive the everyday person to participate in the solution, and as more people become part of the solution the solution accelerates.  

Taking the political aspect out for just a moment, we all need each other. Liberals need business, conservatives need government, libertarians need churches. 

If we are not able to live into that then we may just end up like this fella as reported by the Onion.