Rev. Beth Evers

Rev. Beth Evers

Where do you currently preaching?
University United Methodist Church, Fort Worth

Can you share the links to a couple of your sermons?

What is one sermon you preach?
I preach The extension of God's love to everyone regardless of who you are, what you've done, what you've left undone.

What is another sermon you preach?
Authentic I preach a lot about the church - who we are as a body, how we answer God's call, how we might be challenged to change in order to share God's love with the world. 

What is another sermon you preach?
Strangely enough, I really like to preach stewardship. I believe it is a great, practical way that we can discipline ourselves to put God first in our lives.

What is the oddest experience you have had while preaching?
We were put on alert that a potentially dangerous man may come to our church one Sunday morning, so I had a couple lay leaders sit at the back of the sanctuary in case anything happened. About halfway through the sermon, one of the men got up and ran out the back door. I immediately got nervous and kept looking at the other guy who was just smiling and nodding with the sermon. After worship I went back to check on the one who ran out the building thinking he was defending the church or something. Turns out he just had kidney stones. 

Who are preachers that you listen to?
Nadia Bolz-Weber I also refer to a lot of Dr. Alyce McKenzie's work. 


Rev. Beth Evers is one of the preachers you want to listen to because she embodies the idea of the "medium is the message". What I mean is that Rev. Evers focuses on her own spiritual formation, her own acts of mercy and her own acts of justice before she begins to preach about it. She understands that actions speak louder than words and your actions become the medium you use to share the Good News of Christ. If you expect your preacher to "walk the talk" then Rev. Evers is a preacher you should listen to. It is not that she is perfect, but you can see in her life the values she preaches. For instance, Rev. Evers and her husband Todd adopted three biologically unrelated children from China, not to feed some personal messiah complex but simply because they "wanted a family and children to love." A preacher who will go around the world to extend God's love to everyone is a preacher worth listening to. Finally, the more you listen to Rev. Evers the more you will hear in her voice an almost aching cry for the cause of Love. Like a poet or a musician you will hear Rev. Evers turn a phrase and feel like it almost rhymes. The best I can think of is her voice is like echos of David in Psalm 34 or 147 - a voice that tries so desperately to communicate the depth and magnitude God's Grace and Love.