How Millennial Are You - Survey

In case you have not seen this over your coming and goings but Pew Research Center has this little survey you can take to "determine" how millennial you are.

Like all surveys this can be taken with a grain of salt as well as speak to some generalities about current culture.  

If you find yourself at odds with these 'young whipper snappers' or do not understand those who were born after 1981, then this might be something to consider looking at.

Additionally, this might be great to take (there are only 14 questions) and see just how much you align with millennial thought/culture.

I was born in 1982 and thus find myself a little bit in both the Gen X and Millennial groups.  My score of an 88 however reflects a much stronger leaning toward Millennial culture.  Below is a screen shot of my answers and results so that I can reference them in the future.  (Note this screenshot is modified so to fit better.)

Why, in part, the homosexual issue is not a hot topic to me

One of the most commented posts ever on this little blog came just over a year ago: Generation Gap???

One of the things in that little post is about how many people in the generation I am born into do not find homosexuality as a primary issue to raise a stink about.  It is not that we do not care about the issues, it is just not in our top 5 or so issues.  Just like for many people slavery is not in a top 5 issue because many generations have already judged slavery as inhumane.  So even though everyone believes slavery is not right most of us do not spend time raising the issue because we all know it is morally apprehensible.  

For me, and many of my peers, the same holds for the issue of homosexuality.  We have already determined that the homosexuality is not a sin and the social taboos around it ought to be removed.  So we might say that homosexuality is not my generation's issue, because we have dealt with it, rather it is other generation's issue as the jury is still out on their stance.  

In this light, I do not spend much energy on initiating work toward the ordination of the LGBT because I know it will happen one day.  I wish it would be tomorrow, but that is not happening.  It will not happen this year, but I know it will happen.  I will fight for the issue today, but I know the time is not right yet for the Church to give the LGBT community the grace and love it deserves.  

How do I know that?  How can I be so cocky and bold to project into the future?  

1) I trust in a God who is working in history to bring about the equitable Kingdom of God.    
2) Gay marriage opponents are now in the minority

I believe (and I am sure it is still a long way off) that it is a matter of time, but the LGBT community will achieve equal rights just as heterosexuals do.  

I believe God wants equality for all people.  I believe God ultimately gets what God wants.  

So I keep on supporting the issue and continue to work to involve the LGBT community in all aspects of the church, but it is not a hot topic for me.  

But it may be for you.  

American's hold heaven for all and "none" religions

This article can speak for itself so I will not labor the points laid out.

This is directly connected to the discussions of the book I just finished reading, Entertainment Theology". This book talks about how the "religion" of the post modern is "spiritual". The article talks of people just want good wholesome people, it matters very little to their religious tradition.

We in religious traditions need to understand this shift from "religious" to "spiritual" in order to even begin to understand how we in religious traditions can make a difference in the lives of people. When I get a chance I will post some of the great comments and quotes out of the book which Reverend Nancy Allen gave to me to read a couple of weeks ago.