What percentage are you?

In case you missed the whole Occupy Movement, in a nutshell it was raising up the economic disparity in America. The chasm is great between the have and the have nots. As such, here is a little tool to help you see perhaps where you might fall into the income percentage in your area of the United States.

I am not sure if you are supposed to do your before tax income (I think that is the intention of this tool), but you can do your post tax income if you would like.

According to this my household is in the top 40% in my area. It makes me wonder if my socio-economic level pushes me farther away from the needs of people in other income brackets? It makes me wonder if I am in fact richer than I think I am.

1in 3 Americans either poor or near poor

According to a NY Times over 50 million people are just above the poverty line.

We are talking 50 million in poverty and 50 million just above that line, and if the math is right, that is 100 million people in or dangerously near poverty.

1 in 3 people in the "land of plenty" are not in a land of plenty.

To put this into a different lens, the richest 400 Americans have the collective wealth of the bottom 50% of Americans.

From Good - Rich people have a hard time reading emotions

Here is the link for you to read up on.

Just further examples for those Girardians and systems theorists out there to help articulating the power of systems to influence people behaviors.  It just goes to further show that I cannot know how I would act in another shoes.  If I am a "higher class" would I also become harder?  If I were born in Nazi Germany would I be able to overcome the "Hitler Youth" rallies?  Can I condemn those for whose systems I do not understand?  (I cannot excuse behavior which is evil but I can better understand it I hope.)