What heaven looks like

For some people, heaven has streets of gold. That sounds great. But how is God supposed to make streets of gold if humans hold on to all the gold.

For some people, heaven will reunite us with family members. That sounds great. But how are we to be reunited then if we are unwilling to reconcile with people now?

For some people, heaven will be a place of peace. That sounds great. But how will there be peace then if we are convinced of the power of war now?

Whatever your vision of the afterlife is can only be made complete by what your actions of today are. 

Charles McClure - sermon note

Reconciliation is only achieved when the one who was wronged extends grace.

Rev. Charles McClure noted that when someone states, "I will forgive you as soon as you say you are sorry and ask forgiveness" is the way we tend to conceptualize what it means to forgive. This, however, is the way of the world, not the way of Christ.

Christ on the cross looked at those who just nailed him their and stated, "Forgive them for they know not what they are doing." Christ sets the model that when we are wronged, we are to extend grace to those who wronged us.

It is counter cultural. It is difficult. It surpasses logic.

So to is the way of Jesus.